Where to Invest Money in 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

It’s time to decide where to invest money and where not to invest for 2011 and beyond. The flow of money and the investment tide could be changing, so you’ll want to invest money with your eyes wide open going forward. Here we look at safe investments, stock funds vs. bond funds and gold.

What does the flow of money and a changing tide have to do with where to invest in 2011 or 2012? Where money flows in – prices rise. Where it exits from prices fall. In recent years gold has soared to all time highs. In the stock funds vs. bond funds arena investors have flooded bond funds with money inflows of hundreds of billions of dollars as bond prices climbed. Stock funds watched money run for the exits. There had been a rising tide in gold and bond fund prices as 2011 approached the scene. This will change if investors decide to invest their money elsewhere.

Where to Invest Money in Save Investments
Safe investments pay interest, and very little of it these days. If you see a higher interest rate on what appears to be a bank CD, look twice before you invest money. Make sure it is federally insured by the government because there are misleading imitations out there. If you have money in a retirement plan at work or with a life insurance company, check to see if they offer a fixed or stable account option. These safe investments often pay the best rate around. Do not invest money in the average bond fund if you need high safety. For 2011 and 2012, these are not necessarily safe investments. Go with safe money market funds instead.

Where to Invest Money to Earn More Interest 
For almost 30 years as Interest Rates Fell, bond funds were the place millions of average investors put their money to earn higher interest income, with relative safety. With interest rates near record lows the risk of owning these funds now somewhat offsets the potential rewards. Rule #1 in regard to bond funds: when interest rates go up, fund prices (values) fall. Rule #2: long-term fund prices fall the most. Do not invest money in long-term funds unless you are willing to bet that interest rates will fall further in 2011-2012. Instead, go with a mix of short-term and intermediate-term funds.

Where to Invest Money for Growth and Income
In the stock funds vs. bond funds debate for 2011, stock funds are the favorite in the growth department. Bond funds are not growth investments. Frankly, I’d shy away from stock funds that invest your money in growth and smaller-company stocks that pay little or no income in the form of dividends. Instead go with general diversified stock funds that invest in large-cap company stocks that pay good dividends. It will be nice to have some dividend income in case the tide for stocks goes out. Consider putting some money in real estate stock funds for income and to add even more diversification to your portfolio.

In 2011 and 2012 the issue of where to invest money will likely focus on stock funds vs. bond funds. Gold is bound to be in the headlines as well. At over $1300 an ounce, gold has become a speculation. If you invest in gold keep one eye on the exits. The average investor needs to invest with a long-term strategy that includes both stock funds and bond funds. Go for dividends in the stock category and avoid long-term in the bond department. Invest money like the investment tide was ready to turn, because it could in 2011 if  interest rates rise.

Tourism Objects that exist in TN-BTS - Indonesia

TN-BTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park) area is awell known natural tourism objects and one of tourism destination places. Both for domestic and foreign tourists.

Tourism objects that exist in TN-BTS area are:

1. Tengger Cadera.

The mayor atractivenees of TN-BTS is its unique and spectacular natural phenomena and those are easily enjoyed from a relative cloose positition.
Tengger caldera (crater) in which 5 (five) mounts are located could be a special interesting thing in the tourism, including its history of formation.
According to esher (1980 et al) formerly mount Tengger was a very big /large mountain whit a peak level of 4,00 meters above sea level. About one milion or one milion and a half years ago have head activities to from a very large caldera of 8-10 Km mount Tengger activities does not stop only to that , but its activities is still seen whit emergence of a new crater at center of the caldera the crater is higher nad higher until sometime it erupst.
Tengger caldera is very large and well known whit is name laut pasir Tengger. Because of its unique this caldera was handled by the govermentin 1919 and stated as a natural conservation . however this area apparently attracted tourist to come. Then the area was changed to be as a national park (especialy in Cemorolawang part.)

2. Lava Crater

The lava crater is at a sand sea of kutho part, from far looks like a pile of bricks of ex- palace . the local people cal the well/ crater as Sumer pitu(well seven).
Based on geologikal history, lava craters have com from lava burning mold of mount Kursi.
This time is lava is vomited from the crater and floods out directly down to the sna sea because the slope of the sand sea leads to horizontal, velocity of the mold is slower and slower to 5 meters per hour and its surface is firstly frozen and solidified while the inside part ist still mold/ more liquit .
lava flow will stop after the lava matters have undergone all solidification . next eruptions cause shaking that affec ist weak ceilings fall and from some wells. There are more than 20 wells and they are scattered around.
3. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of five mounts located within Tengger mountains on its sand sea.
Atractiveness of this mount is bat to the date it is still active and easily visited /ascended. This mount bromo tourism objec has a natural atraction that atrac visitor because of this unique natural phenomena in from of of a crater on the crater covered by sand sea.
The natural beauty and wondervul valley are vascinating panorama, plus ist serene atmosphere and peace we well fel while visiting this area. To get the peak of mount Bromo , we use prepared stairs /steps of concrete stuff. When we get the peak we will see Brome a large caving crater whit is smoke out of the bottom . it shows the vulcano is still active. From the peak we see / enjoy the view of brome crater whit ist thin cloudy smoke, and the backward side we can see the beautifullness land countains sand see whit its natural silhuets that very impresisive.
Its other atracctiveess, is that volcano is a place of afinal ritual ceremoni (kasada) of Tengger communlty that has is reprensented by throwing farming product like the fruits and grain onto Moutn Bromo crater. This ceremony has attrated tourists to see the annual ceremony.

4. Mount Widodaren

mount /cave Widodaren is located beside mount . Batok and is tourism potentials objec whit the special atractivenes . one of the appeal of this objec is that this location consitutes a sacred tourism objects thar from a cave and a sarced water resource.
Inside of that cave and asarced water resources.
Inside of that cave there is a somewhat broader place and inside that place there is abig stone that is used to provide somethings to be sacrificied and put nadar that also utilized as the place for meditation especially for comunities of Tengger for praying to the syangyang widi. Around that cave ,exactly beside there are believe that eficacy of the water resource that will never dry and according to comonity of Tengger , it is sacred water from widodaren (Mendhak Tira) beside, there ist belive that the efficacy of the water may keeo young and may get the spousefor the umaried person
In order to rach this object has been made a narrou lane whit the trend nearly forty five degree. So that suggested to tourits for carefuly walking when passing this lane.
Another atlaractivenes , when we have already reached the cave , we wel sea abeautifull view at the bottom. I,e sand seaand the adjancent. The more beautifull view when we are enjoiying the view at morning whit the yellow shined sun rise appears at our front.

5. Mount Penanjakan

Peak of moutn Pananjakan is the highets place if compared whit another places of mountainous Tengger. For these reason. In this are we may see the natural beautifulness in the bottom side such as san sea and mount. Bromo complex Dsk.
That is backgrounded by mount. Semeru whit its thick smoke come out this peak of Pananjakan may be seen the beautifulnes of sunrise in the eastward behind the hill we can enjoy the situation mentioned above whit the peacefull situatiound without the noisiness.
The provided facilitation are shelter, plaza MCK (places for washing and bath) and cafetaria.

6. Ranu Pane and Regulo

Ranu pne (1 ha) and Ranu regulo (0.75 ha) are two of four lake availabel inTN-BTS.
Both lakes the heigt is 2,200 m of sea surface. Both are having a sufficient beauty view , from this place we can see the very fascinating view of mount Semeru whit its smoke comes out and enjoying the wonderfullnes of situations around the lake observing the widl animal in particular the living of belibis bird and observing the cultur and custom of the native inhabitanst.
Arount the lake there is a rural residence (pendukuhan) that consituate last place for TN-BTS tourists in particular for the climber . beside in this rural residence there aer several little shops offering the food and beverage and the equipment for the climber .beside in this rural residence there are in habittants who quiding or carrying the equipment of the climber until reach to top of mpunt Mahameru (poter).
Beside the tourist for the purpose of climbing ,Ranu Pane -regulo usualy utilized by the tourist for campng obseving the field and activites of open natural tourism. The facilities are provided in ranu pane rgulo are pndok pendaki , pondok jaga , information center , pondok peneliti and camping ground.

7. Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu kumbolo (8ha) is located at the heigt 22,390 m over the sea surface ,I,e ranu- pane and mount .Semeru historically and geologicaly.
Ranu kumbolo is shaped from masive craters mount . jambangan that has solidefied so that the filing water otomatically not flows down.
Until today, Ranu kumbolo is the potentials of delighfullly toursm object. The atractiveneses are that at a yard in wich relatively higger than the sea surfarce there is a lake whit the clear ,freas and unpolluted water , so that atracted the tourist to visit this park. For the climbers Ranu Kumbolo is he stop place to prepare nex journeianother attractiveness.in the west fringe of lake there is a monument . it is the legaci of acient, supposed that this monument is the legaci of majapahit empire. However until today has not earned the certainty.
In particularn at the watery area of the lake we can see the living of wild animal,I,e Belibis brid . for the enverimental abservers Ranu Kumbolo is essentially the natural laboratori for the studiy and observation of nature that full whit the very rich knowledge.
The facilities are provided in Ranu Kumbolo are pendok pendaki (70m) and MCK that are utilized by the climbers for taking rest, beside the availability of a relative evenly for camping ground. Needs of water may be met whit lake water.

8. Kalimati

Kalimati is the last camping location before sustain the journey.This places ususlly used for taking rest , because availabelity of water source. That is gap about 500 m from kalimati. And both the yard is relative evenly and also it has been established facility of pondok pendaki and MCK.
Temperature in kalimati relatively cooler than other places, because kalimati area is the vallei of any adjacent hills.

9. Arcopodo

Arcopodo or recopodo is located in the middle between Kalimati and Mount Semeru. In this places there are twin statue (Arcopodo or rercopodo ) and some monuments of the died and lots climbers when climbing the moutn . Semeru in this places utilized for temporarily resting before sustain the journey to the top of Mahameru.

8. Mahameru and Kawah Jonggring Saloko

Mahameru is another name of the peak of semeru Montain in java (3,676 m above the sea surface) it has wide kawah called Jonggring Saloko. Since it is the highes Mountain , from its peak ,we can enjoy wonderful scenery below it such as
-west side : malang City, north side : Kepolo mountain and Tengger,
south side :shout beach line, east side : Argopura Mountain
Among nature lovers , especialy climber from eatsjava , even some climber from yokyakarta bandung , semeru mountain is challenging one and always be place for nice climbing every year

Health Insurance for New Business Owners

One of the biggest hurdles of women and men who go into in business for themselves is making good choices about medical insurance protection for themselves and their families. Adding to the confusion is the fact that pricing and access varies wildly by area, most there is no standardization for medical insurance plans. For most people this can really make it it a pain to choose the right medical insurance policy and contract options.

Unless one is aware of all choices and all the ramifications of each choice, it can be easy to make the wrong choice. Fortunately, licensed insurance professionals who specialize in medical insurance plans are available in all areas. 

Healthier people who start shopping around for a medical insurance plan, are likely to be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can buy private coverage for LESS than they may have been paying for coverage through an employer's plan. In many group policies, the younger, healthier employees subsidize the older, less healthy employees. On a group policy, this tends to be a great deal for the older, established, less healthy employees – but not so good for the young, healthy ones.

The flip side of that is that some option are available on a group policy BECAUSE people, who won't use those coverages, can subsidize those who do. Coverage for pregnancy is one example of this.

Many looking for pregnancy-related coverage will be disappointed if they need an individual plan. This coverage isn't available in most areas on non group plans.

Because there is no averaging on the individual policy, it's nearly impossible to find maternity benefits in any state. When maternity benefits are available, the pricing in combination with the “waiting period” before conception, effectively turn it into a prepayment plan.

At this time, health care insurance is regulated on a state by state basis. When considering which type of contract is desired, it's crucial to look at more than just the policy premium. There is no true "bargain" with health care insurance; you really do “get what you pay for”, and the lower premium quotes are usually for high deductible insurance plans; supplemental insurance plans; limited benefit policies; or even health discount plans, which aren't even regulated.

Some options available in many states for health insurance include the following:

Medicaid may be an option, but it is not the best option for most. This is a state run insurance program for low income, special needs, or children.

Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan – The Health Reform Act mandates every state to have this new program. These plans are for people who've been uninsured for at least six months, and cannot find an insurer willing to cover a preexisting condition that they have

High Risk Health Pool – state run program for people with preexisting conditions that can't get private coverage any other way; which is NOT Medicaid. Many states have closed their high risk health pools, in favor of the Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan, but a few still have both types of plans.

Private medical Insurance – an individual or family policy purchased either directly from an insurance company or through a licensed agent. These types of plans are best for most who qualify for them.

Insurance Carriers consider each person who applies separately, and may accept some and say no to others. Selecting the right contract can be a complex undertaking for the average individual. The services of a a health insurance agent familiar with the state options and the evolving health insurance industry, can help compare coverages and costs to find a balance between affordability and protection.


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