Benefits of Car Insurance

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

1.    Car insurance is the is a kind of protective policy being bought by the owner of the car, bus, motorcycle, truck and other road vehicles in order to have a reimburse of the vehicle if it is damaged in a road accident or if it stolen.
2.    Many countries have made it mandatory to have a vehicle insured before driving it on the road and some countries do have different kind of policy wherein the person do not have vehicle insurance and they pay the tax levied with the gasoline tax.
3.    If a person is driving a car which had an insurance and now it has been expired then it is illegal the owner of the vehicle should renew the insurance because it is illegal and if he/she meet with an accident the insurer company will not pay out any kind of claims and the person may also be fined for not renewing the car insurance.
4.    Renewal of the insurance of the car can be done through other company if the owner of the car wants to renew the insurance from any other company just to enjoy more benefits offered by the company. If the car has CNG/LPG kit fitted with it the owner of the car should insure it as well.


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