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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The dizzying myriad of insurance companies that have popped up in recent years has made it even more difficult for the consumer to know if they truly are getting the best insurance deal possible. You know you need to protect you family, your house, your car, but what kind of plan is right for you? While it is never a good idea to just go with the cheapest policy you find, there are a number of ways that you can get make sure you are getting the lowest quote possible for your needs.

When it comes to car insurance, make sure you take advantage of every discount that companies offer. For instance, having anti-lock breaks and daytime running lights, and installing an alarm system can all help reduce your rate quotes. Also, taking a defensive driving course, and making sure your children take one as well, will also bring down your costs.

To get a good home insurance quote, ensure your house’s value has been properly assessed. Install any appliances that will help get you a discount, including home security systems, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, or dead bolt locks. Also, make sure you tell your agent or the appraiser if the house has recently been renovated.

To ensure you are getting the best insurance deal when it comes to your life and health coverage plans, one sure fire strategy is to quit smoking. After 13 months smoke free, you should be able to qualify for a nonsmoker’s insurance rate. Also, consider raising your deductibles or joining a group or work health insurance plan. For entrepreneurs, especially, who have no employee benefits, consider protecting your income through permanent health insurance. This will insure up to 60 percent of your monthly earnings provided an injury or accident prevents you from continuing in a normal capacity.

Whatever coverage you decide to buy, it is always important to purchase it as early as possible. When you are young, your premiums will be lower. Also, if you are confident in you insurance company, it would be best to place all of your policies with the one company in order to qualify for any discounts they offer for multiple policy holders.

While it usually pays to be better safe than sorry, some people just cannot afford to insure themselves for any possible mishap that might occur. And sometimes, that is actually in their best interests. For instance, there is often no need for many types of life insurance if employers have “death in service” benefits, which is typically worth three times the worker’s salary upon their death. Make sure you know exactly what you need, and what you do not.

Getting the best insurance deal does not mean buying the cheapest policy on the market. You need to get the protection that is right for you – no more, and definitely no less. Shop around; the general rule of thumb is that you should get quotes from at least five different insurance brokers, in addition to a few directly from the companies themselves, before making your decision. The more proactive you are now, the fewer hassles you will have later on.


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