Green Investing For Profit And Good

Friday, 4 February 2011

Your money can be used to make powerful statements when you choose how and where to spend it. Manufacturers and producers of goods are constantly reacting to changes in the marketplace of which you are a major part.

The same principle applies in banking,savings and investing. As more people choose green or ethical financial products, a message is being sent to the entire industry about the importance of these products, and that there are growing number of options from banks that are conscious of supplies or work environments, to credit cards that offer carbon offsets to green mutual funds that invest only in environmentally responsible companies.
There are two elements that you can consider when it comes to green investing.Whether you do online investing or deposit funds into your account, your money does not sit passively. It is lent to other people,businesses or places at interest rates that are profitable to the institution. A financial institution that's concerned with the environment and with social issues such as poverty or homelessness should also place a strong emphasis on environmental investing.

There can be much analysis over what actually constitutes a green investment. Green investing, like any other form of investing requires that you do some research or due diligence. When you look at how your finances can help the planet,start with your checking or savings account. Some financial institutions have realized that their clients are becoming more aware of the benefits of financial investing, so more accounts that are linked to environmental investing which is growing in popularity.

Green Investing options
Some simple to tips to initiate your ethical investing strategies is to begin with your financial institution. Low cost online investing should be available to reduce the use of paper, saving you both time and money in transportation costs. You should have the option to purchase checks made with recycled paper. Altruistically, you donate a set amount or part of the interest to a green cause. The funds in your savings account can be used to funds loan to alternative energy or clean energy projects. A sign that your institution is involved with environmental or conservation groups in order to help protect the environment may have some significance. Ensure that your account's specific eco-friendly ethical or sustainable features and in tune with your philosophy.

You may decide that it not enough to have a green account, and you want to do more by ensuring that your financial institution embraces green and ethical investing in every facet of it's operation. The first place to begin is by speaking to your current financial institutions about its practices. Find out the types of customers to whom they lend funds The institution should be a member of the Social Investment Forum, which is an organization that focuses on socially and environmentally responsible investing. The financial report should have some information on its environmental or social investing activities. Some funds should be annually donated to social or environmental nonprofit organizations.

There more green businesses that devote some part of their operations to being socially responsible
Your green investing can begin by investing directly in companies with strong corporate social responsibility or in green mutual funds or alternative energy mutual funds. When investing directly, you can choose companies that are developing solar or wind power or are encouraging alternative energy technologies. The company should also follow a principled code of ethics that should be reflected in the manner in which they operate.

Green mutual funds were previously disregarded with a reputation for lower financial returns, however many ethically or socially responsible funds such as alternative energy mutual funds now provide consistent and healthy returns annually as concerns for the well being of the environment continues to develop.Your money can have a positive impact on both your financial health and that of the environment.

Going green is now among the latest buzzwords added to the lexicon, however the reality is that business are realisizing that there are benefits from adopting green business or environmentally friendly practices. You can also benefit from green investing by finding out more of the activities of businesses going green visit


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